18920982_10155349886096369_9052094917794257474_oThese are the days of easy summer living outdoors.  Whether you’re peacefully relaxing with a beverage or hosting a back yard bash you’ll want your outdoor living space to accommodate your life.  So when planning your outdoor space you’ll want to ask yourself, “Which is best for my home? A Patio or Deck?”

Patio or Deck…Which best fits your needs?

If you have a breathtaking view, you may want to opt for a deck to highlight it.  Decks also can be built on yards that are not level as opposed to a patio.  Patios work best with in ground pools since the patio can extend around it for seating, fire features and grill areas.  If you prefer to focus on your landscaping a patio can usually be incorporated into your overall  design.

What is the budget for your outdoor space?

Patios are generally less expensive than decks.  Though budgeting factors to consider  include: materials, location, size, and features of your outdoor space.  Both typically offer a nice return on investment since many homeowners enjoy having some type of outdoor living space.

The Longevity of a Patio vs a Deck

Decks require more maintenance than patios and since wood is susceptible to weather and decks will have a shorter lifespan.  Patios can crack if not properly installed or if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Decks can be customized and painted or stained to your liking while patios remain the same color unless stained by food, drink or the environment and may be difficult to clean.

Still not sure which to choose…deck or patio?  The experienced and skilled team at Orbe Construction can provide a free quote and recommendations for your outdoor space.



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