Choose Orbe Construction for Custom Patio & Deck Building

Turn a basic concrete slab into a sprawling patio that you are proud of every time someone visits. Relax and host informal or formal events in a remodeled backyard. Renovating your patio improves the look and value of a house. There are different types of patio remodels available to homeowners.

One type of patio design is a rooftop deck that is suitable for large houses. Have a unique, wide-spanning view of the city, the countryside or any other large area. It is a place to get away from neighbors and other house residents. Put in spiral stairs if you want and include furniture along with a fireplace or collection of plants. You can even place decorative lights around the border so your path is illuminated at night.

If you do not want a plain patio, create a private haven that has plants, flowers, sculptures and water features. Choose from different types like rock, Japanese, water and bird gardens. Consider installing a pergola that has an arrangement of crawling vines. For the best comfort, put in a weatherproof sitting room.

Turn a regular patio into a gazebo with rails, stairs and screens. Place the gazebo in the center of the yard or place it in a discreet area off to the side. Decorate the area with a bunch of chairs or a long, curving bench. Review the types of decorations you can use from plants to chandeliers. If you have enough space, put in a spa or sauna. Even when it is rainy or windy, a gazebo is the right place to relax and entertain.

Patios are made in a wide range of materials like brick, tile, stone and concrete. Brick is a classic, long-lasting material that can be colored and patterned in many ways. Not all bricks have to red and rectangular. Other colors are tan, white and black. Choose a material that will last long in all weather conditions.

A patio remodel is not required to look like all the other remodels. Some patios are built in circles or have windows within the walls. Whichever design you use, contact the Orbe Construction, a company that handles decks in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Olney. For a private retreat or public get-together, have your patio deck renovated professionally.