Home Additions To Make

If you look around your home and wish for more space, Orbe Construction is here for all your home addition needs. Whether you live in Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, we can create and build an addition of your choice. From adding another bathroom to a bedroom, we have the expertise on all levels to change your home into a palace.

Top Additions

For the most return on your investment, a traditional addition of a bonus room is common. Use this room as a guest room or nursery, expanding your home’s versatility during a sale. It can also be a game room, giving that stored pool table a new home. We can even add outlets at your discretion when you decide to use the bonus room as an entertainment space, for instance.

Orbe Construction can also add on to kitchens or create new bathrooms. Because both of these additions require plumbing expertise, we use our expert employees and colleagues to swiftly redirect your current plumbing to supply the new space.

Budget-Friendly Conversion

An entirely new addition can be expensive, requiring substantial funds. Allow us to examine your home for any conversion options to save money. For example, a dark and cold basement can be converted into a usable bedroom or bonus room with creative design. A garage, filled with overflowing boxes, can also be converted. Because there is no major buildout to be completed, from wall creation to ceilings, these spaces simply need insulation, drywall and flooring, for example.

Our Difference

Orbe Construction does not just physically construct the addition, unlike other contractors. We take pride in the fact that we have the talented employees to design your new space. With that design, we obtain all the necessary permits. As we work on the construction, any issues with the design are quickly solved with our in-house team. There is no need to stop work to verify designs with a separate company.

Home additions add value to your home. Contact Orbe Construction today to find out about your options. We can suggest certain changes that we know will provide lasting value. Allow our expertise to guide you to a new look and feel in the home.