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Fresh paint on your home in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC gives it a well cared for appearance that reflects well on you. The effects of heat, sun and rain in our summers as well as the ice and snow in our winters take a toll on the exterior of your home that affects its appearance. As a leading building contractor in the area, we can remove peeling paint, caulk cracks that occur from our weather conditions, replace damaged trim or siding and make your home look beautiful again.

Improving the Interior
Refreshing the interior of your home with our quality paints brings new life and makes it look like fresh and new. We offer superior painting services for your home’s interior as a stand alone project or as part of a remodeling that can update and expand your living space. Choosing an experience building contractor for your paint job gives you access to qualified experts who can assist you in improving the overall appearance and functionality of your home.

When you decide to improve your home with our professional painting services, you can take advantage of our interior design services as well. We offer products that complement your style and meet your budget requirements with creativity, quality and elegance.

Taking Care of the Details
Our expert painters specialize in preparing all surfaces so that your new paint job satisfies your highest expectations. While fresh paint transforms your home and makes it more enjoyable, we understand that the success of any paint job depends on the careful preparation of the underlying surfaces. We take special care to perfectly prepare the surfaces that make our work superior in every way.

The freshly painted façade of your home makes a good impression on visitors and passers by, making it attractive while increasing its value. Taking care of your home’s exterior preserves its value and makes it contribute to the beauty of your community. Choose Orbe Construction as your painting contractor, and call today for a free estimate.