Exterior Home Remodeling

Is your new year’s resolution to finally replace your home’s worn outdated roof?  Or maybe it’s to spruce up your home’s exterior with new siding.  Orbe Construction of Olney Maryland has the expertise and knowledgeable team of professionals to help you choose the best exterior renovations for your home by providing top quality materials and installation services.


Your roof’s age and appearance and can be factors to help you determine your need for a new roof.  In the case of a shingled roof, the life span is typically 20-25 years.  Missing shingles, curling or buckling shingles and failing chimney flashing at the roof are several more factors to consider.  Shingles that “shed” granules are also a tell-tale sign of age and wear.  You may find granules in your roof’s gutter and around the exterior of your home.  Orbe Construction can offer you guidance on roof replacement or repair.  They will help you consider your options for choosing the right roofing material and style that works for your budget.


Missing or damaged panels, fading color, age and extreme weather conditions can be contributing factors when deciding to replace your siding.  Any unknown moisture or cracks and holes in the siding can also be cause for further inspection.  If more than half of the siding on your home appears to have this damage you may consider replacing the entire roof.  Both roof and siding replacement can assist in the lowering of utility bills and provide curb appeal and an increased property value when selling your home.

While exterior remodeling depends chiefly on its function to keep the elements out and homeowners comfortable inside, replacing your roof and siding with the right materials will help extend its life.  Not sure whether to repair or replace?  Contact Orbe Construction and get advice from expert professionals and craftsmen.  They provide timely service and competitive pricing in the Maryland, Virginia, and Metro DC area for all of your home exterior remodeling needs.