Is Your Roof Ready Take on Summer Storm Season?

Have your roof checked now before the big summer storms hit in August and September.  Orbe Construction of Baltimore, Maryland wants you to be prepared.

At Obre Construction, we have been replacing and repairing roofs on homes of all sizes since 1994. Our company sells and installs traditional shingles, slate shingles, metal roofs and roofing materials that are made of cedar wood.

Raining on the roof

The Chimney

The part of the roof that is the most likely to leak is the area around the chimney. The technicians from our company will use several types of sealants and install flashing that matches the color of your roof in order to protect the chimney.

Ridge Vents

If you want to lower your energy costs, we will install ridge vents that can allow warm air to flow freely from your attic during hot summers.

Ice Guard

In addition to using felt that is especially durable and long-lasting, our experienced roofers install exceptionally thick ice guard that can protect your roof from rain and snow.

Tearing Off The Old Roof

Removing your roof will usually take less than one day; however, a team of roofers usually needs two or three days to tear off a roof with shingles that are made of cedar wood.

Choosing Shingles

In order to choose the color of the shingles, you can use a software program to place images of various types of shingles on a photograph of your home. Most shingles come with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for 25 years to 40 years.

Adding Value To Your Home

By having a new roof installed, you can add as much as $25,000 to the market value of your house in Olney, Maryland.  Additionally, the roof can prevent leaks that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home’s attic before the inhabitants even discover the leak.

A Free Price Estimate

Our professional roofers will perform an inspection for free, and we can give you a detailed written estimate. To schedule a free consultation, call Obre Construction at (301)909-8034.