The Benefits Of A Trex Deck

A new deck can be wonderful for your family and the value of your home. More good news is that you no longer are forced to get a deck made out of wood that would be subject to rotting, warping, termites, or the mandatory maintenance required to ensure that your deck stays looking at its best year round. When you choose Trex Deck material to build your new deck, you will be investing in your home and deck for the long haul and giving yourself years of beauty and minimal maintenance. We have compiled a list of the advantages that Trex deck will give you and your home.

Did You Know?

Trex is one of the largest recycling companies in the United States, processing 400 million plus pounds of plastic and wood per year. All Trex deck products are made of more than 90% of recycled products, including plastic, reclaimed wood, and sawdust.

Advantages Of Using Trex Deck

Cool Factor

  • Have you ever walked with barefoot on a wooden dock or deck on a blazing hot day? If you have, then you know that they get extremely hard and impossible to walk or stand on. Trex deck material will get warm, but much more manageable to walk on during a hot day.

Low Maintenance

  • Say goodbye to the days on sanding and staining in the spring or fall to keep your wooden deck from warming or fading. Trex deck material will not fade or warp during any conditions and can withstand the punishment handed out from mother nature. Trex deck product will only need the occasional pressure washing, maybe twice per year will do the trick to simply remove mold and pollen that may have rested on the surface of your deck.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Not only will you like to a wide variety of options and styles that you can do with Trex deck over a hardwood deck, but you would also be helping out of the environment and preserving our forests. Our world is moving in a certain direction, and that direction is green. With Trex deck, you can easily do your part with your new deck made from recycled products by Trex.

Trex Deck Contractor in Baltimore, MD

No matter what you want to do with your deck, it can be done with Trex Decking, as the color and design options are bottomless, Orbe Construction in Baltimore MD can serve your decking needs. Contact us online or call 301-909-8034 today for a free estimate for your deck project.