Benefits Of Switching Your Home Lighting To LED

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last five years, then you have heard and have seen all the LED lights available for purchase in your local home improvement store. At first, converting your home over to LED lighting was rather expensive; however, now just about every LED option has been retrofitted to accommodate a wide range of lighting fixtures. Even more telling is that many of the LED options are available for many smart homes. Given that converting your home to LED is now more convenient, we are going to go over the benefits that LED can add to your home.


  • Probably the most noticeable advantage of LED over the standard incandescent bulb is that they last significantly longer; in fact, forty times longer. You will be amazed at how long the LED bulbs last when compared to regular bulbs.

Energy Efficient

  • LED lights consume very low amounts of power and are more efficient than the standard lightbulb. This will help decrease your power bill a significant amount due to the decreased amount of power that your household will be consuming.


  • Standard light bulbs can cause some health risks when it comes to the amount of heat that standard light bulbs emit into your home. LED lighting emits almost no forward heat which makes the LED bulbs extremely efficient allowing almost 100% of the energy they produce to be used for actual lighting.

Safe For The Environment

  • LED lights do not feature the environmental risks that standard bulbs do due to the fluorescent and mercury vapor lights bulbs that used to dominate the market.

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