Know The Top Benefits Of Choosing Hardie Board For Your Home

As a homeowner, there will most likely be a time that comes up in your homeownership days that you will have to look at options to replace the siding on your home. There are many options when it comes to siding such as vinyl, insulated vinyl, stucco, and cement board also known as Hardie board. We are going to go over the benefits and advantages of choosing Hardie Board as the next option for the exterior of your home.


  • Hardie Board literally has thousands of options to choose from, and it can also mimic other styles of siding that you may like such as wood lap boards, and even cedar shingles. You will be amazed at the almost endless amount of colors and styles available when choosing Hardie Board as your home’s next exterior option.

Fire & Storm Resistant

  • Since Hardie board is manufactured with 90% of sand and cement, it makes it fire resistant. This will help if your home catches on fire, or even if a neighbors home catches fire, Hardie board will also help your home from also catching on fire. Also, it will withstand the elements better that mother nature can throw at it such as high winds, falling limbs from trees and even hail.

Long Term Solution

  • Most Hardie Board options come with a 50-year warranty, which is absolutely incredible! Also, Hardie Board is 100% rot and insect proof, which is another advantage over some other siding options. Also, Hardie Board is even an ideal solution if you happen to live close to the ocean as Hardie Board can handle the salt that the ocean will throw at it.

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