Paint Your Interior This Summer!

Looking to do some home remodeling in Maryland this summer? Summer is the perfect time to get the interior of your house painted. But why is summer better than any other season? Orbe Construction explains why summer is the ideal choice for this service.maryland home remodeling

Paint Dries Quicker

For most interior painting, you have to make sure the walls are prepped properly. Where needed, the walls have to be spackled and primed for the actual paint. With summer temperatures, the primer can dry much faster, and we can get down to painting quicker. The paint also dries faster, so we can get in multiple coats in one day. As long as the heat isn’t severe, which can negatively impact the paint, summer is great for painting.

Paint is Also Thinner

When it’s warmer, paint thins out in the can, on the walls, and wherever else it’s being prepared. This makes it easier to mix up the paint and make sure it’s the ideal viscosity for what we’re doing. We’re able to mix the paint so that it’s the ideal consistency for painting your walls. This makes it easier for us to apply coats of paint.

Natural Sunlight

Bright sunshine and natural light help you choose the best color for your walls. You’re able to see it in the best environment, not under the fluorescents at a store or showroom. It’s also much different than the artificial light you keep in your home. The way summer sunlight hits is different from everything else. You’ll really be able to notice the shadows and other aesthetic features of your home.

Airing Out the Paint Smells

The worst part about painting your interior is the lingering paint fumes. Summer gives you the temperatures you need to be able to open up the windows and air everything out. While you don’t want to do it while the paint is still tacky, as it can attract bugs, it’ll help you to get the smell aired out quicker than you’d be able to if you got your interior painted in the winter.

Why Choose Orbe Construction for Maryland Home Remodeling

Our house painting services can be a stand-alone service, or you can add it as part of our other home remodeling services. We offer a variety of products to make sure that you can meet your budget as well as getting the style you’re looking for. As well as interior home painting, we can paint the exterior of your home, the trim, or pressure wash the outside of your home to remove old exterior paint. We also have eco-friendly and non-toxic paint options.

Orbe Construction gives free estimates for any painting job in the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area. Call us or contact us online for a free estimate.