Why to Add an Attached Garage

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been finding the time to get things done that they may have been putting off. This includes doing some Maryland home remodeling. This is the perfect time to do the project you’ve always wanted. Orbe Construction is here to help and lists the reasons why an attached garage is the perfect addition to your home.home remodeling maryland

Extra Space

People typically want to get additions to their homes so that they can have more space. A garage has a ton of space that you can use in various ways. Storage is a big benefit of having a garage. Whether it’s seasonal things or gardening supplies, a garage can take them all on. If you want to use the garage space primarily for your cars, a loft space can be built above where the cars are stored for more storage space.

The space in a garage can also be used for being able to work on things, no matter the weather outside. You can do oil changes and work on your car or motorcycle at any time of the day. A workbench can be installed to work on other projects. Depending on your hobbies or jobs, a garage can be used for almost anything you can think of!

Saving Money

One of the biggest benefits of an attached garage is that you can save yourself some money. This is because it’ll be attached to walls that are already built. It isn’t an entirely new addition like a detached one would be. You still get all of the space that you want, but the home addition comes at a bit of a cheaper price.

Staying Out of the Elements

One of the most irritating things about snow or rain is having to walk outside in it. You also have to brush the snow off your car, which can take valuable time if you need to be to work or to an appointment. Having a garage can eliminate the need for you to be out in inclement weather. You can get to your appointment quicker as well, without worrying about making sure your car is cleared off enough to meet regulations.

This also helps the health of the car itself. Being exposed to the elements can cause damage and wear faster. In the hot weather, your paint and upholstery can fade in the constant sunlight. When it’s cold, certain components of your car can become brittle and easier to break. The rubber on your windshield wipers and tires can become petrified sooner, meaning you’ll have to replace these items more often.

Utilities are Easier to Deal With

If you want to add things like electricity, heating, or air conditioning to the garage, you simply have to extend these services from your house out into the garage. A detached garage requires getting fully separate systems to install in that building. An attached garage can help save you both time and money on utilities.

Home Remodeling in Maryland

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