Siding Issues to Watch Out For

No matter the type of siding on your house, there are issues to watch out for. Since siding is outside all day, every day in the changing weather of Maryland, it’s prone to certain problems. Orbe Construction, a general contractor in Maryland, points out some siding problems you should watch out for.maryland general contractor


If you have wooden siding, pests are particularly problematic. Termites can tunnel their way through wood, carpenter bees are looking for shelters, and woodpeckers may be looking for a snack. Other siding types that are supported by wood can have these issues as well. Make sure that the siding is installed properly and look into eco-friendly options to take care of trees and other sources of insects that are nearby.


Though manufacturers try their best, there’s only so much you can do to protect siding from the sun. Vinyl siding especially fades from the impacts of ultraviolet rays. Siding discoloration can make your house look dingy and if you’re planning on selling in the near future, it’s something that’s going to put off potential buyers.


Siding can crack for many reasons. It can be something as simple as a rock being kicked up by the lawnmower or some severe weather. The problem with cracks, though, is that moisture can then get inside. This causes mold and mildew, eventually having the siding rot from the inside out.


Different siding options have to be installed in different ways. For some, it’s installed right up against the structure. But vinyl siding has to have some room for it to expand and contract in fluctuating weather circumstances. If your vinyl siding is installed improperly, it can cause buckling and warping in the siding.


Weatherproofing is a big part of siding. It’s designed to make sure that water doesn’t get into the structural elements and cause problems. Again, it’s important to have someone installing siding that’s going to do it right. You want to make sure the inside walls and wood structure isn’t impacted by moisture.

Siding From Your Maryland General Contractor

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