3 Cabinet Trends You Can Try in Your Kitchen

Making over your kitchen provides an opportunity to add your unique style to your home. One of the most prominent ways to show off your expression is with your cabinets.

Cabinets are useful storage tools in your kitchen, but they can also add aesthetic flair to a room with personalized touches. Orbe Construction, a Maryland home improvement contractor company, describes three trends in kitchen cabinets that you can try in your own home.

kitchen cabinet styles in Olney Maryland

Flat Front

Modern styles emphasize minimalist designs that show off sleek surfaces and sharp angles. Flat front-styled kitchen cabinets can be the perfect way to achieve this look.

This trend features flat doors to your cabinets without handles, engravings, or edgings. It can add a clean, smooth appearance to your room. This style can be especially beneficial for smaller spaces, making it appear less crowded and more open.

Dark Finish

Color is an important factor when choosing a design for your kitchen cabinets. Darker paint color or wood stain can add a unique finish to your room. This can be applied as an accent or coordinated with the rest of your kitchen.

This trend can be stylish and modern looking but it could also appear traditional depending on the rest of the cabinetry design. Varying color in your cabinets is a great way to express your style without compromising the functionality of your kitchen.

Wooden Accent

Another flexible style choice that is trending in today’s kitchen cabinet designs is wooden accents. This style can appear traditional or uniquely modern depending on your taste and design selection.

Wooden shelves or exposed cabinets provide an industrial aesthetic, while distressed wood can appear more rustic. Each of these provides vastly different style effects but with their own charms.

Wood is a timeless material, so you do not have to worry about the trend becoming unfashionable after some time. It is also durable, ensuring long-lasting cabinetry that can withstand usage in a functioning kitchen for many years to come.

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