Prepare Your Commercial Space for Fall

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, fewer daylight hours, and harsher weather conditions. These seasonal changes can play a major role in your business if you do not prepare adequately.

You should evaluate your HVAC and plumbing systems before the cold months set in, but you can also discuss construction with your contractor during this time. Orbe Construction, a residential and commercial contractor serving the greater Washington, DC area, outlines three maintenance projects you can do this fall to improve your business.

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Effective and Safe Lighting

The sun sets sooner in the fall, so your business may be open when it becomes dark outside. For this reason, you should evaluate your lighting to make sure your employees and customers can see effectively when in your building.

You should also check exterior lighting, including parking garages, so that they are well-lit. This can make your employees and customers feel safer on the premises and also lower the risk of potential crimes, as proper lighting can deter theft.

Fresh Windows for Fall

Fall brings lower temperatures, and you will likely turn on the heating system in your facilities. Increased heating usage can drive up your energy costs, but you can keep your bill reasonable with good insulation in your building.

One easy way to make sure your establishment is energy efficient is to replace your outdated windows. Old windows can be drafty, letting cold outdoor air into your building and disrupting your ideal temperature. Your heater may work harder to regulate the interior temperature and raise your energy bill in the process.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Milder weather conditions can signify the perfect time to repaint your establishment in both the interior and exterior of your building. Temperatures that are not overly hot or cold create stability that will allow your paint to apply smoothly to surfaces and dry properly.

Fall brings less humidity too, which also provides better conditions for painting. Less moisture in the air and in the walls means that paint can dry more quickly and adequately.

Hire a Commercial Contractor in Washington, DC

Orbe Construction offers interior and exterior remodeling and renovation contractor services for commercial establishments in Washington, DC. Our company can also assist with residential home improvement projects. To get a quote for your job at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 301.909.8034.