Remodeling Bathrooms for Wheelchair Users

As one of the most used rooms in your house, the bathroom should be safe and comfortable for everyone who lives there. If you or someone who lives in your home uses a wheelchair, you can include modifications to your bathroom to make it more convenient when you remodel or renovate this part of your house.

You can alter countertops, cabinets, and other hardware to create a more welcoming space for people of all abilities. Orbe Construction, a Maryland home improvement contracting company, offers advice for individuals remodeling their bathrooms for wheelchair accessibility.

bathroom accessibility in Maryland

Reimagine Counter Space

You should not overlook sink and vanity space as you remodel your bathroom. The positioning of a bathroom sink can majorly affect its functionality for wheelchair users.

For safe and effective usage, you should position the sink at an appropriate height for someone in a wheelchair. Also, you should avoid building cabinets underneath this area so that there is room for an individual’s knees. Ideally, you should choose a durable, stable bathroom countertop material that can handle being grabbed for balance or movement.

Strategize Your Storage Areas

We often use bathrooms for the storage of everyday items, including a hairdryer, dental care supplies, and towels. When remodeling, you can construct optimal storage areas, such as cabinets or a linen closet, though you should keep wheelchair accessibility in mind.

Pull-out drawers are an easy way to reduce clutter in a bathroom. These should sit at an appropriate height for wheelchair users. You should also consider the efficient placement of toilet paper holders and towel bars.

Consider Grab Bars

Sturdy grab bars placed near a toilet, shower, or bathtub can make it easier for people who use wheelchairs to maneuver through your bathroom. You should call a professional to install these fixtures. They can ensure bars are secured properly and will not become loose and risk injuries. With the appropriate and safe placement of these bars, your bathroom can become a hassle-free space for all individuals who visit your home.

More Bathroom Remodel Tips from Your Maryland Contractor

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