Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance for Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, along with the urge to freshen up your home by tidying and cleaning each room in your house. While your bathroom, one of the most utilized rooms in a home, requires frequent maintenance to look its best, it can also benefit from more targeted spring cleaning.

The cabinets in your bathroom are often overlooked during regular cleaning regimens. Springtime can offer the perfect opportunity to take care of this fixture in your home. Orbe Construction, a commercial and residential contracting company in Maryland, has created a checklist so that you can effectively spring clean your bathroom cabinets.

clean bathroom cabinets in Maryland

Reorganize Cabinet Clutter

With regular usage of your bathroom, over the year, it can be easy to accumulate a variety of items in your cabinets and drawers. As you likely keep the doors shut when not in use, you may likely be unsure of what your bathroom cabinets contain.

Empty ointment tubes, broken hygienic tools, and other unnecessary items can be thrown away, freeing up space in your cabinets. A good way to declutter your cabinets is to remove everything from the drawers and shelves and evaluate whether you need to keep or get rid of them. After this, you may find you have improved accessibility to the items you routinely use and need.

Thoroughly Wipe Down Cabinets

To keep your bathroom clean, you should wipe down countertops and other surfaces on a daily basis. With the hassle of your busy schedule, you likely do not have time to pay this same level of care to the cabinets in your bathroom.

Check the material of your cabinets and use the recommended cleaning solution for them. You can spray the cleaner on the surface of the cabinets, as well as inside them and the drawers once you have removed their contents. Then, wipe them with a soft cloth or sponge. You may also polish any knobs and add a protective coating of paint or sealant to your cabinets if they look like they need to be refreshed.

Evaluate Storage Capabilities

This close attention while cleaning your bathroom cabinets allows you to consider if they are providing an adequate amount of storage for the space. If the cabinets remain crowded or overflowing, even after you have tossed frivolous items, then you might want to consider installing new ones.

A contractor can help you pick out and install new cabinetry for your bathroom that will suit your unique needs. If you intend to complete a larger remodel project for your bathroom, you should consult with a home improvement expert to ensure you get the best results.

Install Bathroom Cabinets and More with Maryland Contractors

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