Is It Time to Upgrade Your Deck?

Warm temperatures and sunny skies can make you eager to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home on your deck. But you might realize that your deck is not in its best shape after a long winter.

You can call your local contractor to help you give your deck a lift if it is not looking its best. Renovating your deck can boost both its appearance and its safety for you and your family. Read on to learn ideas from a residential home improvement expert regarding upgrading your deck this summer.

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Deck

Consider Fresh Staining

Your deck endures harsh wind, rain, snow, and ice, especially during the winter months. This can cause damage to the wooden structure of your deck, including its appearance. Moisture and exposure may make your deck look shabby and older than it truly is.

A fresh coat of paint can make a major difference in the way that your deck looks. You can take pride in the appearance of your deck once again if you re-stain the wood.

Before you embark on this process, make sure you properly prepare the wood by power washing and sanding the deck. This will allow the new stain to adhere effectively. Take care of when you stain your deck as well. The stain or paint should have at least 48 hours to dry completely.

Install New Railings

If your railings are no longer sturdy or look rickety, this could detract from your deck’s appearance. But this issue can also pose a safety risk on your property. You can avoid injuries on your deck by repairing or replacing rails on your deck that are no longer structurally sound, especially if they are near stairs.

A local general contractor can evaluate your deck and determine if you can fix your old railings or whether you should install new ones. When it comes to safety for you and your loved ones in your home, you should trust a professional to complete this home improvement project.

Build Added Protection with Screenings

A change in the seasons can signify the perfect opportunity to remodel or renovate the exterior of your home. Building privacy screens around your deck can be the perfect project to make you and your family feel safer and more comfortable in this space of your home.

If you are looking for a way to make your deck more aesthetically pleasing, you could install glass panels, lattice fencing, or lights within these new screens. A contracting team can also help you convert a deck into a sunroom. This renovation is ideal if you prefer to appreciate the outdoors from an enclosed space.

An upgrade to your deck can boost the value of your home as well as your appreciation for your property. Consult with your construction expert to discover how to make your dreams for your home a reality.