Considering Adding a Garage to Your Home?

A garage offers many storage, parking, and value advantages for your home. If you want to provide more parking availability, create space, and increase the worth of your property, building a garage can give you these benefits.

However, you should check with your local contractor to learn more about the logistics of this addition to your home. They will help you evaluate these factors to determine if a garage can accomplish your unique goals for your house. Read on to find questions you should consider before building a garage on your property.

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Do You Have Enough Space for a Garage?

When building your garage, you will need to first check that you have enough space on your property to construct it. To store one car inside, you must make sure it can safely enclose an approximately 14-foot-long vehicle – the average size of a passenger car.

Some people may want a garage where two cars can park, which will involve more square footage. If you want shelves or other storage components within this space, you should factor in three to four more feet on each side of the garage.

You should also look at your local zoning laws. Some cities limit the size that your garage can be and will require certain elements in its construction. When you consult your contractor, they can help you ensure that your new home addition will comply with local standards and codes.

Do You Want the Garage Attached to Your House?

Another question you should consider before getting a garage is whether you would like this structure attached to your home or not. An attached garage will mean that the addition connects with an existing wall of your home. You can decide from there whether this will also include a door that will allow you to go from the garage to your home internally.

The alternative is to build a freestanding garage separate from the house. Some people prefer the exhaust fumes from stored cars to be further from the home.

In many cases, an attached garage will cost less to build. Many people also appreciate that they can access their garage through an internal door without being exposed to weather conditions. You can discuss each possibility with your contractor to learn more about which option will work best for your property.

How Will Your Garage Appear in Relation to Your Home?

A new garage serves as an extension of your home. So you will want to think about how the structure will look in relation to your house. You should factor in the materials you intend to use. Additionally, you should reflect on how the final appearance of the garage will make your property look aesthetically.

Your contractor will let you know which materials are both affordable and available to use. Then you can consult with them to make sure a garage will look beautiful alongside your home. This will include discussions about driveways and other aspects of this addition.