Bathroom Fixtures & Lighting Maryland Contractor

Bathroom Fixture Options

Fixtures and faucets are hard working elements of any bathroom. Faucets are turned on and off daily and are subject to water, toothpaste and soap build up. Faucets should be both beautiful and lasting, easy to clean, and high performing. Choosing the right faucets for your bath and sink can help add a touch of elegance and charm to your bathroom.

Orbe Construction sources faucets from some of the best designers and innovators in the field. Faucets should add character and detail to a bathroom while enhancing the design and remaining functional. With hundreds of styles and materials, there are faucets and fixtures for all budgets and designs.


Rohl bathroom fixtures offer exquisite craftsmanship and Italian design for the modern home. Rohl Bathroom faucets can add refined beauty and elegance to any new bathroom redesign. Rohl fixtures are durable and provide a range of detailed styles and finishes.


Kohler offers design, technology, and quality in all of their bathroom fixtures. Kohler has innovative designs with a variety of finishes and styles available. Kohler is known for their high quality and beautiful design.


Delta faucets are a leader in design, technology, and quality. Delta designs are inspired by the way people live and use state of the art technology for smarter faucet solutions.

Panasonic Bathroom Exhausts

Ventilation in a bathroom is essential to avoid mold and mildew. Panasonic offers state of the art ventilation systems to keep your bathroom dry.

Bathroom Lighting Options

Lighting is essential in any bathroom. Bright, well-lit bathrooms are more appealing and more functional. It is good to consider multiple light sources in a bathroom depending on the size and design. Some people choose to add lighting in their shower, over their vanity, or over the sink. We offer a range of lighting types, styles and finishes to compliment any bathroom design.

Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting sources a huge selection of lights in a variety of finishes, modern colors, and materials with out compromising quality and function. Kichler offers lighting options for all styles from sleek and modern, to an industrial farmhouse, you can find a statement chandelier piece and functional lighting all in one place.

Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia Lighting offers energy efficient lightening options for all styles and budgets. Lithonia offers lighting control technologies and a wide range of LED lighting options.