Kitchen Countertops Maryland Contractor

Kitchen countertops must be durable and able to withstand the daily use of the household chef as well as those little chefs in training without compromising beauty. Countertops can pull together a design adding depth and refining your kitchen design. Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece, a natural stone, or high contrast, Orbe offers a full range of countertop options.
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Orbe Construction has over 25 years of experiencing helping clients redesign and create functional and beautiful kitchens. Orbe offers some of the best countertop brands providing our clients with choices in budget, style, color, and material.

We use countertop distributors with outstanding reputations for their durability and aesthetics. From more traditional marbles to contemporary solid Quartz, there are countertop options for all styles. Whether your style is sleek and modern, traditional, or industrial farmhouse, Orbe Construction can help you choose the countertop to enhance your kitchen design.

Kitchen Countertop Brands

Cambria Countertops

Cambria offers innovative and artistic stone designs that blend beauty with durability and performance. For a modern, and gorgeous countertop, Cambria Matte designs offer a new twist on traditional counters.

Q Natural Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become a popular countertop choice. Quartz looks glamours and withstands daily use. Stain-resistant and close to indestructible, Q Natural Quartz offers over 55 quartz options for a custom look and feel.

Silestone Countertops

Silestone offers durable kitchen countertops in a range of huge, style and finishes. From silky innovative suede textures to stunning veined marbles, Silestone offers more than 90 counter options.