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Kitchen Fixture Options

Often kitchen faucets go overlooked. A small detail in a large scope project, kitchen sink fixtures are a detail that adds character to your space. While it may seem insignificant the reality is that you use your kitchen sink nearly every day. You want your faucet to speak to the larger design, creating a cohesive space while withstanding the wear and tear of daily use.

Orbe Construction sources faucets from some of the finest designers for fresh and innovative options. With over 25 years of kitchen redesign experience, Orbe can help you create a kitchen that fits your needs within your budget. Kitchen sink faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes.


Rohl kitchen fixtures offer exquisite craftsmanship and Italian design for the modern home. Rohl Kitchen faucets can add beauty and elegance to any new kitchen redesign and offer durability and detailed style and finishes.


Kohler offers design, technology, and quality in all of their kitchen fixtures. Kohler has innovative designs with a variety of finishes and styles available. Kohler is known for their high quality and beautiful design.


Delta faucets are a leader in design, technology, and quality. Delta designs are inspired by the way people live and use state of the art technology for smarter faucet solutions.

Kitchen Lighting Options

Good lighting in a kitchen can make or break your design. Lightning is important for both the aesthetics and function of a kitchen space. Bright well lit spaces are easier to use, more appealing and make daily tasks more manageable. The style of lighting can bring together a design making your space feel complete and well thought out.

When choosing lighting options for a kitchen to remodel it is important to think of your kitchen in different zones. There may be times where you need extra light over the kitchen island or your dinner table, or you may need under cabinet lighting for food prep. Lighting these areas well can make using your kitchen easier and safer.

Orbe Constructions uses Kichler and Lithonia Lighting as resources to source innovative, energy efficient lights for any kitchen remodel. With thousands of designs and styles of lightning, these retailers are a great starting point to develop your lighting concept.

Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting sources a huge selection of lights in a variety of finishes, modern colors, and materials with out compromising quality and function. Kichler offers lighting options for all styles from sleek and modern, to the industrial farmhouse, you can find a statement chandelier piece and functional lighting all in one place.

Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia Lighting offers energy efficient lightening options for all styles and budgets. Lithonia offers lighting control technologies and a wide range of LED lighting options.